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GOODNEWS:: Volunteer groups helping homeless people in Kingston !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We need to find ways to help these people so that they can offer more help to the people dat need it !!!! No use complaining about everyting while we sit on our hands and not do anyting fi help or fix the problem ?????!!!! People suffering in country and town and we haffi highlight and big up the people dem dat a try fi help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EXCERPT ::::::: Sixty-five-year-old Willel Thomas said his house was razed by fire a few months ago and expressed gratitude at the provisions of clothing and other amenities. "It means a lot to me. I was burned out in late October and I am happy that they could give me help with clothes and toiletries," Thomas said......ENTIRE STORY
2012-11-05... Marlon King retire from International football ???????????
2016-10-11... 40K US at airport going Guyana ????!!!!
2012-11-26... Honduras fisherman/pirate coming to JA to steal fishermen catch ????????????!!!!!!!
2012-02-28... Jamaica a give incentive for all-inclusive to mek money
2016-02-01... Zik-V finally reach Jamaica through Texas ??? Fi real ????!!!!
2012-12-04... So far in 2012 : Over 600 weapons confiscated from students across Jamaica????
2016-03-29... Jamaican Baller had a seizure during match ?????
2015-12-04... Taxi driver killed in front of children in taxi !!!!!!!????????
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