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BIG TRUNE : Beres Hammond : Another day in the System
Mi jus a highlight the reggae music and songs that uplifts and inspires. To me the artist is just the vessel dat deliver that wonderful inspiration, nothing else. Listen to the words!
... BIG TRUNE : Queen Ifrica : Daddy
... BIG TRUNE : I OCTANE: Mama You Alone
... BIG TRUNE: Queen Ifrica: Serve And Protect
... BIG TRUNE : Tanya Stephens : Sound of My Tears
... BIG TRUNE : Louie Culture & Mikey Spice : Grab Yu Lass
... BIG TRUNE : Sizzla : Thank You Mama
... BIG TRUNE : Morgan Heritage : Nothing To Smile About
... BIG TRUNE: Tanya Stephens : Warm Dem !!!!!!!
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