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Man give har bun! and she lock him ina har trunk!!!!???
Notice people try fi talk to har fuss before dem call police!!!!
2012-12-18... JA woman refuse to come out of car after police stopped her ???????
2012-02-16... Passa Passa: JA tax collectors a sell Killa and Elephant vehicles?????!!!!
2011-11-04... My Man (explicit language)
2012-03-18... Well "spoken" Carib national a talk? Nuff truth ina dis speakie spokie video?????????
2013-05-10... Laugh Jamaica- Rapunzel
2012-08-28... Deputy Mayor of May Pen evicted from his rented house ????
2012-08-18... Woman Meltdown on Caribbean Airline flight and nobody no rush har ??????????
2011-12-30... Would you Jamaican woman catch a grenade for you??
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