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Jamaica Sunday Herald May 2nd overview on the Dudus affair
Some insight into the whole Dudus, America, extradiction issue
EXCERPT ::::::: He said he purchased one Ruger, Desert Eagle, Smith and Wesson 9-millimeter, and a 380 small caliber semi-automatic handgun. After purchasing the firearms, he said he contacted a friend in the New York area who is also a close associate of Presi. Together they drove to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to the residence of one of Presi’s associates named Sky. He said he took the guns with him and he bought another Ruger. The guns were handed over to Sky and he was assured that the guns would be sent to Presi in Jamaica. ................................... The witness said he saw other firearms, including two AK-47s at Sky’s house and was told by Sky that he would be sending them to Presi in Jamaica. He also said that he spoke on the telephone with Presi while he was at Sky’s home. .................................. That call, which took place on April 3, 2007, was intercepted and recorded. “Agents later played a recording of that call for me,” the witness said. “On that call, my friend tells Presi, in coded language, that we were in Philadelphia to drop off firearms. I tell Presi, also in coded language, that although the firearms aren’t all that great, together they will add up.”.....ENTIRE STORY
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