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Skin Bleaching in Europe (England)
Capitalism at its best and also see how years of use damages a Jamaican womans face
2013-01-31... JA students of dark complexion do not think tourism is a viable career choice ??????!!!!!!!!!
2012-02-21... 52 days gone already? 165 murders in JA so far?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-06-05... Gambling act now law in Jamaica but GG did not sign the law
2011-12-16... Exploitation of underage girls in Jamaica
2012-01-08... 20 year old video detailing politricks and drug gang biz a JA and Farin
2010-06-14... Seventh Day Adventist Church quiet the pastor
2011-10-25... Jamaica's biggest problem is crime!!!! With less crime more people can enjoy the pearl dat is JA
2011-11-04... A ban on the export of scap metal is being circumvented; HOW COULD DAT HAPPEN, CORRUPTION ??$$$??
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